Tour description

Departure time: everyday at 10:00 & 14:00

Duration: 3:00h

Tour languages: english, spanish, french, russian & croatian

Tour description:

Learn what life was like in communist-era Croatia on a Zagreb city walking tour. Communism in Yugoslavia was unique type of communism and hard to compare with well-known communism in Soviet Union. That's why communism in Yugoslavia was somewhere between communism and capitalism or better to say between East and West.

As part of socialist Yugoslavia, Croatia has numerous traces of the past that date back to second half of 20th century. Architecture, buildings and sculptures that are still present testify 45 years long history under communist regime and they are the best witnesses to tell many interesting stories of this unusual period. Listen the real life stories that our parents told us and that we’d love to share with you on this 3 hour walking tour. All our tours are run by genuine and independent local guides that will share their knowledge with you. Travelers of the world, unite and enjoy Communist Zagreb Tour!


  • City of Vukovar Street

  • Veceslav Holjevac Monument

  • Sava River

  • Travno district (The Mammoth Building)

  • Utrine Market

  • Zagreb Fair

  • Vjesnik Building

  • Faculty of Education

  • Zagrepcanka Building

  • Cibona Tower

  • Republic of Croatia Square (former Marshall Tito Square)


  • private tour

  • unique stories from native born guides

  • local guide

  • professional guide

  • public transport ticket

  • special gift for every visitor

  • unique experience & a lot of fun

Meeting point

Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall - Stjepan Radić Square 4.


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