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Roasted turkey with mlinci – a tasty traditional dish

Sunday in Croatia is the most common day when family gathers around a table and often find a traditional dish. In Northern Croatia it would be roasted turkey with mlinci. We are sure that all of you know what roasted turkey is, but probably you are wondering what would be mlinci?

Mlinci is a traditional dish from Northern Croatia. It is a thin dried flatbread that is easy to prepare by simply pouring boiled salted water or soup over the mlinci.

To prepare homemade mlinci, a dough is made of flour, salt, and water, sometimes also with eggs and fat. The dough is then rolled out about 1 mm thick and 20 to 30 cm wide, and baked in an oven or on a hot plate. Later it is broken into pieces about 5 cm in size before final preparation with hot water or soup.

Before serving, mlinci can also be quickly fried in poultry fat. Turkey with mlinci is a Croatian folk-cuisine specialty, especially in Zagorje.

Maybe this dish do not look very appetizing, but do not hesitate to try it. We are 100% sure that after you taste a first bite, you will not stop enjoying this delicious dish.

If you want to make roasted turkey with mlinci, click on the link and enjoy your meal 😊

Bon appétit!


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