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There are a few things to consider when designing your tailor-made tour: 


1. What level of accommodation would you like?

We offer three levels of accommodation; comfort (3-star or equivalent), superior (4-star or equivalent) or deluxe (5-star or equivalent).


2. Which transport(s) would you like to take?

This can include a wide variety of options depending on your destination – anything from boats to private cars, flights and trains.


3. Which excursion(s) would you like to include?

We can assist with recommendations and suggestions, but if you have any particular activities or hobbies you would like to incorporate into your trip please let us know.


4. Do you require a tour guide?

Often local guides are included in booked excursions and we can arrange additional guiding services as necessary.


5. Meals

Meals are generally not included to allow you the freedom to discover local restaurants and market food but we can include or exclude meals as per your requirements.


6. Anything else?

Just let us know what else is very important to you on travel, so we can make better personalized tour for you. Or if you are just looking for a transfer or an accommodation, do not hesitate to contact us.

For any inquiry, please contact us or via our Facebook page

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